Bonner Leaders

Bonner Leaders serve as interns in the Public Service Center. Their primary role is to co-lead programs boused out of the Public Service Center by providing capacity building support.

Bonner Leader responsibilities may include developing marketing and communication materials, coordinating service projects and trips, developing community partnerships, implementing community surveys, event planning, and much more. Bonner Leaders take an active role in engaging their peers in service.

The Bonner Leaders Program was founded in 1990 by the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation located in Princeton, New Jersey. The Bonner Foundation has worked with colleges and universities to support students to attend college and to be active and involved in community service while in school. Bonner Leaders serve as student staff in the Public Service Center, providing the link between UC Berkeley students and the community. Over 80 colleges and universities nationwide promote leadership through service, social action on and off-campus, and reciprocal campus-community partnerships.

Bonner Program

Year Long Program (September-May, not including academic breaks)
Time Commitment: 10-12 hours/week
Eligibility: Undergraduate or Graduate enrolled at UC Berkeley
Cost: None unless transportation to service site required (support available for student with financial hardship)
Benefits: $1,175 AmeriCorps Award, Community Building and Training/Development
Application Dates: March 2015
Units Offered: 1-2 per year



Bonner Leaders serve as Student Program Directors for various programs in the Public Service Center. Almost all Bonner Leaders were former participants in the programs they lead, which gives them the insight and perspective needed to excel at leading their peers.

Bonner Leades serve in their specific position for 8-10 hours per week and are also responsible for attending/fulfilling monthly trainings, co-leading reflective dialogues, and supporting the work of the Public Service Center as a broader community.

There are a few Bonner Leader positions that are better suited for students that have not been participants or former leaders of Public Service Center Programs.  Check the application page for these specific positions.  You can also consider the following programs of the Public Service Center if you are interested in building your way to the Bonner Leader Program:


A Day On, Not a Day Off

The Bonner Leaders program honors the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by serving in the Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland 

Instead of taking the day off, the Bonner Leaders, alongside members of the Transfer Service Community, Oakland community, and other local social justice organizations, went to work on January, 20th, 2014. This date is a national day of service, in which thousands of volunteers and community organizers come together to honor the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. by joining together their local communities to act.

The Bonner Leaders started the day bright and early, and after a short orientation to the Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA small teams partnered up to work in various areas of the garden. Some of the work included landscaping in the Bonsai Garden, weeding, planting, and harvesting in the Community and Palm Gardens.

At the conclusion of the day of work, a quick look around showed rejuvinated gardens. The Bonner Leaders gathered together to reflect on the systemic changes Dr. King worked for and reflected the importance of community and action to see those ends. There was a moment of reflection for the unrecognized leaders of social movements and an individual's role in larger movments. With the guidance and help of local experts, the Bonner Leaders and many other volunteers from the local community helped to improve the health and beauty of the Gardens at Lake Merritt. 

Thank you to all of those that made this day of service possible, including all of the dedicated volunteers and organizers of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. 


Get Involved!

Learn about the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Learn about the Gardens at Lake Merritt 



We are excited that you are applying for a Public Service Center Campus Leader position.  Before submitting an application, please review the Program Commitments and Open Positions. If you would like to apply for more than one Campus Leader position, please indicate your alternate selection as your second choice.

PLEASE NOTE - Most Campus Leader positions are require a prior involvement in the program as a participant to be considered for the position. If you have not been involved in any of the Public Service Center programs that are recruiting Bonner Leaders, please consider applying for one of the following positions:

  • Casa Mora/Chavez-Huerta Commemoration Committee Student Coordinator 2015-16 (1 position)
  • One-time Service-learning Projects Coordinator (1 position)
  • Writing for Social Change Student Coordinator (1 position)

Applications are due on March 20th, 2015.


First Name Last Name
Email Phone
SID: Expected Graduation Year:
Hometown: What is your residential status?
What is your major:
What year are you in college?
Are you a first-generation college student, meaning your parents, guardians, or grandparents did not attend college?

How did you hear about Bonner Leaders?
Racial or ethnic identity:


If you selected "other", or would like to provide details about your race/ethnicity, please do so:

What languages do you speak other than English? Would you like to subscribe to the Public Service Center's monthly newsletter that lists community events, service and leadership opportunities, scholarships, and more?

The Public Service Center is committed to raising funds for those who need it. Please share your financial aid status with us to help us make this happen. (Please check all that apply.)

Not Eligible for Financial Aid:
Financial Aid Eligible:<-- 65% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid
Work-Study Eligible:
Pell Grant Eligible:

Please list any dietary preferences or needs you may have:  

Please indicate whether you live in the Residence Hall, a co-op or are a member of a Fraternity or Sorority.

Have you participated in any other Public Service Center programs? If so, please select which ones. Use the CTRL key to select multiple programs.

Are you applying to any other internship or leadership programs for 2014-2015?  If so, please list them here:


Please review the Open Positions before selecting your preferences. You do not have to select two preferences if you are only interested in one position.

First Choice:

Second Choice:


1. Why are you applying for a position as a Public Service Center Campus Leader? List all relevant skills. Expand on two of these skills and give examples of how you applied these skills in the past (please limit your responses to 400 words)

2. What's your definition for leadership? (please limit your responses to 200 words)

3. What is your definition of justice? (please limit your responses to 200 words):

4 What is your role in working for social justice? (please limit your responses to 200 words)



Please put a check mark next to all the statements you agree to:

I have read the Bonner Leader Program Commitments:
The information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge
I have double-checked my application to ensure that all fields are completed and accurate.

Reminder: In order for your application to be complete you must also:

  • Email us your most recent resume that highlights your professional, academic, and student life experiences that relate to this position. Please be sure to list previous internship, extracurricular, and volunteer activities.

Before you submit your application, make sure all required fields have been completed. We will NOT review applications that are incomplete.




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