Shinnyo-en Peace Building Leadership Program

Fall 2013
Thursdays: 2:00 pm to 5:00 PM
Peace and Conflic tStudies
4 Units


Faculty Member: Americ Azevedo

They had vision - What's Yours - PosterIn partnership with the Cal Corps Public Service Center and the Peace and Conflict Studies department, the Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Leadership Program is for leaders who are seeking to transform their ideas and passion for social justice into action. Through this program each leader will go through the Vision Actualization Process that serves as a guide to connect one’s inner purpose to taking meaningful action in the community. By using interactive exercises, we will explore various methodologies for social action, developing community partnerships, assessing community needs, and project management.

Whether you are an emerging leader or already established in your service projects, this program will provide you with resources, skills, and effective tools to empower you to make an impact in your community.

All participants will have the chance to apply for a mini-grant up to $5,000 to carry out their project. The course will be led by Professor Americ Azevedo and Cal Corps staff, Nurredina Workman and Damali Burton and is generously funded by the Shinnyo-en Foundation.   

Learning Outcomes

From this course, students will be able to:

o   Understand strengths and weaknesses of different leadership models

o   Regularly engage in reflection activities that provide greater context or challenge assumptions

o   Use reflection to articulate and align one’s personal beliefs, values, and identities when envisioning a "healthy community.”  

o   Understand pressing issues/challenges and strengths/collaborative solutions and elicit intelligence of community

o   Create clear goals of the program or project (and measure success when completed) at individual, group, or community level.


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