Transfer Service Community

The Transfer Service Community (TSC) is the parent organization for the Laney Service Community and the Berkeley City CollegeService Community programs. The TSC programs bring UC Berkeley, Berkeley City College, and Laney students together in service to assist community college students in transferring, getting involved in public service, and connecting to resources. Our mission is to increase support for prospective transfer students and provide them with enhanced leadership and service opportunities. We believe student involvement is crucial in the college experience.

The TSC provides transfer and scholarship workshops and events every semester. Our workshops assist students with familiarizing themselves with the application process, connecting to resources, and paying for college. The goals of the workshops and events are also to build community on campus. Transfer Liaisons plan the workshops and events and share their transfer experience with students through one-on-one advising.  We also have Peer Advisors who help students get involved on campus and in their communities. If you have any questions, or you want to make an appointment, please contact us at or 510-969-6929.


Learn about the transfer experience, requirements, and opportunities.

Interested in getting involved in the TSC community? Apply to become a Peer Advisor today.

Ways to get involved

  • Make an appointment to see a Peer Advisor or a Transfer Liaison

  • Attend one of our workshops or events

  • Apply to become a Peer Advisor or Transfer Liaison (Applications are availabe at the end of the Spring Semester)


Transfer Service Community Events

UC Berkeley Shadow Day - (Saturday, October 26th from 9am-5pm) - Shadow Day will provide an opportunity to interact with UC Berkeley students, tour the campus, connect to valuable resources and programs, and become acquainted with the campus culture. Sign-up here by October 20th. Spots are limited!

Shadow Day Application


Fall workshops and events at Berkeley City College

Basics of Transferring - (Series Part 1) If you know you may want to transfer, but you haven’t yet figured out where you want to go, what you want to study, or what the transfer process is like, this is the workshop for you!

Different Majors Panel - (Series Part 2) This is the second part in the series of transfer basics. This panel explores different majors, and will help you decide which major is the best for you!

Scholarship/ Financial Aid - Learn how to apply for and where to find scholarships. This includes a brief overview of how to pay for college.

UC Application/Personal Statement - Are you applying to a UC this year? Come here a UC Berkeley admissions office speak on the ins and outs of the application and tips and tricks for writing a strong personal statement.

Personal Statement Reading Session - Come have trained UC Berkeley transfer students read your personal statement!


Fall workshops at Laney College

Basics of Transferring - If you know you may want to transfer, but you haven’t yet figured out where you want to go, what you want to study, or what the transfer process is like, this is the workshop for you!

Scholarship/ Financial Aid - Learn how to apply for and where to find scholarships. This includes a brief overview of how to pay for college.

UC Application/Personal Statement - Are you applying to a UC this year? Come here a UC Berkeley admissions office speak on the ins and outs of the application and tips and tricks for writing a strong personal statement.

Personal Statement Reading Session - Come have trained UC Berkeley transfer students read your personal statement!

AB540 Workshop - Learn about resources for AB540 students. 

Student testimonials

The Transfer Service Community(TSC) is dedicated to helping community college students transfer. Their commitment to building an informational bridge between the community colleges and four-year universities significantly contributed to my successful transfer to the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business from Berkeley City College. I have attended and benefited from some of the workshops and events that contained extremely valuable information about resources and programs available to prospective transfer students. These included the Personal Statement and Application Workshop, Shadow Day at UC Berkeley, Resume and Interview Workshop, Scholarships Workshop, Transfer Student Panel, and the "Next Steps" for UC Berkeley Admitted Transfer Students Workshop. I am mostly grateful for the one-on-one advising sessions the TSC has offered me. My Transfer Liaison made me believe that transferring to Haas was not just a dream but reality. She guided me every step from giving me critical feedback on my personal statements to giving me advice about my classes and professors at UC Berkeley.  She always made time to fit me in her busy schedule, even if this meant early Sunday mornings or late evenings, and she cleared my uncertainties about the transferring process. Finally, she defiantly reached beyond herself in assisting others and has inspired me to get involved in my community and help other prospective transfer students.


The Peer advisors are one of the greatest assets a transfer student can utilize while completing the transfer process. Their competent and caring approach in guiding students is truly marvel. Using the Peer advisors several times myself, I strongly recommend them to any student who wants to succeed while attending community college and beyond. 


Laney Community Service Peer Advisors


Kido has been an Individual Advocate for children and their families for more than 30 years. She has assisted diverse and underprivileged communities within the family law and education equity arenas. As a student of the Peralta Colleges, she signed up with the Laney Service Committee as a Peer Advisor. She is looking forward to assisting students in their aspirations for transferring, as well as connecting them with service (or campus or off) and assisting students in their aspirations for transferring.


Being a first generation community college student, Edward Chavez is aware of the problems students face in attempting to navigate a large and complex educational system. He can be found tutoring in the Laney College Writing Center or organizing campus events with the Associated Students of Laney College. He also takes English literature classes at Berkeley City College. He loves reading works of fiction as well as hearing the real-life stories of people he meets. Edward is dedicated to working with peers to create a campus environment which is solutions-focused and all-inclusive.

Bimala is a Laney college student. This is her second semester at Laney. She is running on her third semester in community college. She is applying to all the UC’s in Fall 2013. She is majoring in computer science and minoring in political science. She has been working with Phi Theta Kappa at Laney. She is a Teaching Assistant and tutors computer  and mathematics, and she is also a Learning Coach for Gateway to College.  Bimala was born and raised in Nepal. She graduated high school in Nepal, and she moved by herself to the United States. Her family is still in Nepal. Bimala’s weakness is that she feels very sad seeing people suffer, and she loves to help people stop their suffering. She is frank and loves to have close relationships with friends and family.


Berkeley Community College Peer Advisors 


Saskia is in her second semester at Berkeley City College. Originally from London, England she has lived in Oakland for four years. After a long break, during which she has been involved in several community organizations and grassroots projects, she has returned to school and plans to finish her degree in Sociology. She values non-formal learning, and believes in building more connections between the school and the wider community. Her own experience has taught her the importance of supporting people returning to school, and this is often more meaningful when done by peers or people with a similar experience.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Melanie decided to head west after high school. Along the way she made a pit stop in Pueblo, Colorado, where she briefly attended Colorado State University. Ambitious and determined to pursue her passions, Melanie attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Combined with her experiences growing up in the gritty city and later living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, Melanie realize something: she wanted to help people. The best way to do that, she thought, was to become a sociologist. She realized that by understanding people and the environments they live in she could make a difference. Taking her first step toward achieving this goal, she enrolled at Berkeley City College. For the last three years Melanie has worked determinedly and consistently at making her dream come true. As a soon-to-be transfer student, Melanie has had many diverse experiences that she uses to help other students achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Xiaojia (Annie) Song is an international student, student ambassador, and the president of the International Students Association at Berkeley City College (BCC). As a film major, she believes that the power of films can deeply impact people’s lives. She has very good time management skill so she can spend time on things she loves: movies, Korean dramas, reading novels, philosophy, photography, and traveling. She wants to transfer to UC Berkeley as a film studies major to learn more about films before starting to produce films that she wants to make. The Berkeley City College Service Community is the program that inspired Annie to help the international students community in BCC. She is very open-minded, loves to try new things, and is very happy to help everyone and make new friends.

Guided by his intuition, Alphonse flows through life on a melodic heart string. As a musician and lover of music, his vision to make the world a better place through the science of music will not cease until we are all in harmony. This is his 3rd year attending Peralta community colleges, and he plans on transferring into Stanford or UC Berkeley to major in cognitive science and music; this will eventually lead to getting a master’s degree in psycho-acoustics. Alphonse is philosophical by nature and loves to talk about the universe and the complexities of life, and he swears that each individual on this planet has an infinite amount of potential that they just haven’t tapped into.


Yolanda is majoring in Business and applying to universities this Fall. Originally from the Midwest, Yolanda moved to the Bay Area looking for a better way to continue her education. She has found community at Berkeley City College and hopes to help other students find their niche so they may thrive. She is passionate about promoting quality education, breaking down the barriers of 'math-haters' and empowering people to create their desired futures by actively participating in the present. When Yolanda is not in classes, studying, peer advising or working, she enjoys listening to music, eating delicious foods and hanging out with good friends over a board game, movie or just sharing chocolate. She is experienced in the application processes of EOPS, TRiO and financial aid. If you have any questions, come by and see her!


Yoshiki is an international student from Fukuoka, Japan. He came to the U.S. last July. He actually tried to get in to a Japanese university, but he was not accepted. Then he decided to study here because he had desired to study abroad anyway.  He has been part of the International Student Association since becoming a student at Berkeley City College. He also works as a Safety Aide on campus. His major is Business, and he would like to go on to UC Berkeley. He is interested in international trade. The support he has received from the Peralta College community, especially peer advisers, motivates him to help other students to meet their own goals, transfer, or find their place at Berkeley City College and in Berkeley.


Laney Service Community Transfer Liaisons

Zac Bennett was born and raised in Chico, California. He attended Butte College and graduated with an A.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences before transferring to UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2013. Zac plans on double majoring in Economics and Public Health in order to solve the disparities within the American Healthcare System. While Zac has a number of interests outside school, he continually seeks new opportunities that push him out of his comfort zone. This has led him to numerous experiences outside of the country including working as a volunteer medical assistant in Peru, and studying abroad in Costa Rica.
Anakaren is a senior at UC Berkeley. She is a double major in Rhetoric and Political Economy and transferred from East Los Angeles College (ELAC). During her time at ELAC, Anakaren participated in competitive policy debate, was involved in non-profit work aimed at promoting tenant rights and worked in various local and statewide political campaigns. She plans to pursue a Masters in Public Policy after UC Berkeley in hopes of becoming an efficientadvocate for under-represented minoritites in the educational, housing and labor sectors. Anakaren believes in the intrinsic value of education and looks forward to collaborating with students to meet their individual and community goals.

Berkeley Community College Service Community Transfer Liaisons


Connor Murphy is a UC Berkeley Student, majoring in Political Science, who transferred from Berkeley City College (BCC). He joined the BCC Service Community as a Transfer Liaison because he believes in giving back to the community that helped him transfer. Connor Murphy was a student ambassador, an active member of the Civic Engagement Club, and the student body president . He successfully transferred in two years and wants to share his knowledge to help others achieve their transfer goals. Connor Murphy is also fun-loving and enjoys reading books, going on hikes, and cooking food, but does not enjoy long walks on the beach. 


Boris Alvarado-Gonzalez is a senior Political Science and Legal Studies double major at UC Berkeley. He was born and raised in Oakland and attended Berkeley City College from Fall 2010 to Spring 2012. Boris is interested in immigration law and plans on attending law school after graduating from Berkeley. Outside of school, he enjoys playing soccer and watching sports. Despite being born in the United States, Boris spent a lot of his childhood in El Salvador, his parents' native country.



Program Coordinator


Adena is a Berkeley City College (BCC) alumni and a current a senior at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. She is originally from Southern California, but moved to the bay area for school. While at BCC, Adena was president of the Civic Engagement Club, a nanny, a Writing Workshop tutor, and a mentor at Emerson Elementary school. After transferring, Adena became one of the first Transfer Liaisons with the BCC Service Community. She strongly believes in everyone's ability to transfer and in the powerful effect that public service work can have on a person's life. If it weren't for her involvement in the community, she would not be where she is today. In the future, Adena is planning to use her business degree to open a community grocery store in South Berkeley that will provide organic, local produce, to lower and middle income families. The store would also include community space for cooking classes, music, art, and more!


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