Letter from the Director, Sandra Bass, Ph.D.
Tuesday November 7, 2017
Like many other Cal alumni, a call to be in service to something greater than myself has been a consistent thread. 
Alum John Gage recalls the exciting start of the Public Service Center in 1967.
Saturday December 16, 2017
“The point of a university and the point of building a community is to bring people together. And that was the goal of the Community Projects Office.” 
Berkeley students consider the Public Service Center a “home away from home.”
Tuesday November 7, 2017
Transfer student Calixtho Lopes, class of 2017, had experienced periodic homelessness as a child. So it meant a lot to him to find the Public Service Center.
Summer on Capitol Hill
Wednesday June 28, 2017
UC Berkeley students kicked off their summer in Washington, D.C.
Letter from Director, Sandra Bass, Ph.D.
Monday June 26, 2017
Like the Pando tree we appear as separate entities, signified by race, gender, sexual orientation, or class, but beneath the surface we are all interconnected
BUILD-ing Careers in Education
Tuesday September 12, 2017
In March, several alumni of BUILD, a literacy mentoring program, returned to campus, eager to share their path from literacy mentor to education professional.