Alum John Gage recalls the exciting start of the Public Service Center in 1967.

“The point of a university and the point of building a community is to bring people together. And that was the goal of the Community Projects Office.” 


Berkeley students consider the Public Service Center a “home away from home.”

Transfer student Calixtho Lopes, class of 2017, had experienced periodic homelessness as a child. So it meant a lot to him to find the Public Service Center.


BUILD-ing Careers in Education

In March, several alumni of BUILD, a literacy mentoring program, returned to campus, eager to share their path from literacy mentor to education professional. 


Your Story is Our Story

Since 1967, the Public Service Center has been helping Berkeley students engage in transformative social change. 


No Barrier to Success

As an English Language Learner in elementary school, Martin Perez had fallen behind, and his insecurities resulted in poor behavior. 


Reflections of Sean Diaz, Alum & Nonprofit Administrator

Sean Diaz graduated from UC-Berkeley in 2009 with a major in English. 


Reflections of Sonia Sajja, Alum

As a student at Cal, Sonia was a student leader with the Suitcase Clinic.


PSC Alum Publishes Young Adult Series, Blacktop!

We're excited to share that Public Service Center alum, Lanre Akinsiku, recently released a new series of Young Adult books.


Inspirational to the Students They Mentor

The Rogers Family Foundation seeks to transform the educational experience of Oakland’s students.

How Could I Not Stay Involved in Cal in the Capital?

Q&A with alumna Victoria Brademan, Class of 1973 with a B.A. in French, and Class of 1980 with a J.D. in Law from Boalt.