Your Story is Our Story
Friday April 14, 2017
Since 1967, the Public Service Center has been helping Berkeley students engage in transformative social change. 
Letter from the Director, Sandra Bass, Ph.D.
Tuesday April 18, 2017
This presidential election was both historic and revealing.
The First of Its Kind
Friday April 14, 2017
This spring, the Public Service Center received two honors.
A Youthful Perspective
Friday April 14, 2017
As a community organizer for the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, my job is to work directly with community members.
Impact, Inspire, Empower
Monday June 26, 2017
My involvement with the Public Service Center (PSC) began relatively late in my college career, but had a tremendous impact on me.
An Alternative Way of Learning
Monday June 26, 2017
As the daughter of farmworkers in California's Central Valley, I know firsthand of the many barriers that low-income people and their children face.