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Residential Service Initiative

The Residential Service Initiative (RSI) creates community service opportunities in Berkeley and neighboring communities for more than 6,500 students living on campus in UC Berkeley’s residence halls.

Residential Service Initiative (RSI) is one of the many student-initiated and student-led service programs at the Public Service Center. RSI is led by two student co-directors who were former Vice Presidents of Philanthropy, so they have first-hand experience organizing service events in the residence halls. The co-directors are eager to support new VPs of Philanthropy with their visions for service. RSI aims to expand quality intentional service opportunities within the residence halls by providing service-oriented leadership training for Vice Presidents of Philanthropy and connecting them to the PSC community and its resources.

The VP of Philanthropy plays a critical, year-long role leading community engagement initiatives in each Hall Association. With support from RSI co-directors, RSI seminars and Res Hall Staff, the VPs of Philanthropy organize service projects ranging from an annual wheelchair basketball tournament that fundraises for recreational and sports programs for youth with disabilities, to greening the local communities of Berkeley and Oakland, to tutoring local high school students. Volunteers have the opportunity to discover new interests, meet new people, and develop new skills, while VPs of Philanthropy develop leadership and program-planning skills. Through RSI, students are able to explore Berkeley and get involved in community service.

RSI Cohort 2023-2024

Important Dates

Selection for Vice Presidents of Philanthropy occurs through the Residential Hall Assembly at the beginning of fall semester each year.

All VPs of Philanthropy are required to attend 1-hour seminar every week, PSC training & events, and residential hall meetings.

Application for Student Director


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