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Environmental and Food Justice in the Bay Area

Heal Your Planet Heal Yourself (HYPHY): Building Sustainable Legacies Rooted in the Town

Led by Irie Dimasuay & Xochitl Diaz-Suarez

Trip Bio

Oakland, known as the Town, is often statistically recognized for its issues ranging from community violence to houselessness. While these injustices and inequities are discussed in academia, particularly between people within institutions like UC Berkeley, community members raised and rooted in Oakland combat this through strong, collective resistance. The current crises of food insecurity and environmental racism are exacerbated by gentrification as well as racist policies and practices. We will be exploring socially-charged issues, including but not limited to redlining, displacement, inequitable access, and public health issues. In preparation for this trip, we will prioritize acknowledgment of privilege and positionality, and the healing journey that comes along with it. By coming as you are, we intend to create a space where we can carry abundance-mindsets when dealing with adversity and changes that affect our daily lives. In this Decal, you’ll be challenged to acknowledge you and your perception of Oakland, the home to the HYPHY Movement and the Black Panther Party. Just remember, the journey you embark on will encourage you to embrace our community with its rich history, art, food, peoples, along with the hard truths and realities that come.