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Homelessness & Poverty

No Place Like Home: Housing Inequity in San Francisco

Grace Elam  and  Darice Wong

Led by Grace Elam & Darice Wong

Trip Bio

For thousands of folks unable to find shelter in San Francisco and across the Bay Area, “No Place Like Home” takes on a very literal meaning. Housing is a basic human right and a crucial factor in establishing a stable life. So why have so many people been deprived of access to it? In preparation for this trip, we’ll explore the specific factors that cause and exacerbate the Bay Area’s housing crisis. To do so, we’ll take a particularly close look at San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, its resilient unhoused community, and vibrant queer history. Then, if public safety circumstances allow, we’ll spend a week in the Tenderloin itself. We’ll work with our community partners–the passionate advocates at Faithful Fools who have been living and working in the Tenderloin for decades–to support San Francisco’s unhoused community through a series of neighborhood immersions and issue workshops. At the conclusion of our week and in those following, we’ll reflect on our experience and determine how best to continue supporting unhoused communities in San Francisco and elsewhere. Ultimately, we’ll develop a deeper understanding of the housing crisis and those most affected, in the hopes of progressing towards erasure of socioeconomic inequity in the future.