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Immigrant Rights

Alien Resistance: Deconstructing the Immigrant Narrative in Arizona

Cesar Ramon Garcia

Immigrant Rights: Arizona led by Cesar Ramon Garcia

Trip Bio

As a response to the current oppression of children, women, men, indigenous people and LGBTQ folks.  In addition to the ongoing displacement of people of color throughout the Americas.  Dutifully, this DeCal will be inclusive in deconstructing the pyramid of power in a classroom setting replacing it with collaborative consensus.  In like manner, Contemporary Crimmigration contends U.S. immigration policies and it’s supporters, recurring oppression, exploited trauma, deliberate policing, mass incarceration and anti-immigrant rhetoric.  By providing a safe space to hear the perspectives and experiences of recent asylum seeking families and formerly incarcerated individuals. By comparison this class explores immigrant narratives by acknowledging it’s competing against Immigration Customs and Enforcement, U.S. governmental agencies and the fabricated migrant crisis born of induced fear.  The duration of the semester will be devoted to what wasn’t publicized or politicized in reference to the immigrant experience as we know it.  Lastly, to confront our findings and to move from  away from being an ‘ally’ to become a ‘collaborator.’  This can be done by being self aware, practicing self-help, creating healthy esteem, then reaching self actualization.