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Immigration Rights in San Diego

Immigration Isn’t a Crime: The Fight for Human Rights at the Southern Border

Led by Alonda Torres Arenas & Jesica Munzo

Trip Bio

The southern border has become a literal and figurative battleground for migrants from all over the world attempting to cross over into the United States to live a “Dignified life.” Migrants risk doing so every day but inevitably feed into the capitalist agenda of the United States. So, it is important to ask ourselves, is the American Dream real for immigrants and is it worthy of being called a dignified life? In this DeCal, we will examine the humanitarian crisis at the southern border and how it continuously affects the lives of immigrants and generations beyond, within, and outside the US. In an attempt to learn about issues at the southern border, we will serve on a trip to the southern border over spring break, in person, to work with organizations that have dedicated their time to advocating for migrants at the border.