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The Truth about the American Dream – Immigration at the San Diego Border

Led by Hilary Medel and Katelyn Adame

Trip Bio

In this DeCal, we will examine the topic of immigration at the San Diego-Tijuana border. Immigration has become a hot topic over the past years especially during the Trump administration; there has been detrimental effects and growing stigmatization surrounding the immigrant community. In this class we will break down the idealized perspective of the American Dream and examine the harsh realities of what awaits immigrants when they enter the US borders. We will discuss the brutal journeys and sacrifices that individuals must succumb to in order to achieve what they think is a better life in the United States. We will look at many ethnic groups and place emphasis on stories of those who are often voiceless such as LGBTQ+ members, women, children, etc. We will look at immigration issues from many perspectives such as a public health and cognitive science approach. Overall, this DeCal will aim to give a broad view of what immigrating truly entails and looks like beyond the stereotypes. In doing so, we will serve on a trip to San Diego, either virtually or in person, to work alongside community members and organizations that focus on social justice for immigrant communities.