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Native American Rights

We’re Still Here: Global Native/Indigenous Resistance

Sharon Marcos and Jocelyn Lopez

Native American Rights: Campo Kumeyaay Nation, CA lead by Sharon Marcos and Jocelyn Lopez

Trip Bio

One of our main objectives is to preserve our long term relationship with the Campo Kumeyaay Nation. We recognize that the roots of this trip was created 13 years ago by a Cal student who is a member from the Campo Kumeyaay Nation, so we hope to continue honoring this trip. This trip aims to teach participants about Native American/Indigenous issues around the globe, including the Ohlone peoples of this area. We want participants to recognize their privileges as well as to be aware of the struggles Indigenous and Native peoples endure. Participants will also learn about the colonial history of the United States and how it affects the way Indigenous/Native peoples are perceived by society and pop culture. During the Spring Break trip we will be residing in the Campo Kumeyaay Nation, where participants will visit various resources the reservation has that serve their community such as their Environmental Protection Agency and Education Center; there are some sites where we will be assisting in various tasks they want us to do. Along with learning about the struggles they face till this day due to colonization, we will have the honor of learning about Kumeyaay culture and how they continue resisting.