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Sustainability & Community in Puerto Rico

Hacer es Poder: Exploring Puerto Rico’s Ecosystem and Community Building

Led by Jamie Cervantes

Trip Bio

We will discuss the implications that the US government has placed on Puerto Rico that have resulted in its fragmented government. We will also learn about alternate ways of helping the community other than monetary methods. Also, we learn about Puerto Rico’s history prior to becoming U.S. territory and to its current time. In addition to the history of Puerto Rico, we will dwell on their agroecology to gain an insight into different land usage and ecological concepts that play an interchangeable role with the natural environment. Also in partnership with on and off-campus organizations, we will gain a deeper insight into understanding Puerto Rico as a whole in conjunction with current efforts being done to fend for themselves. We will use documentaries, music, articles, and possible guest speakers to obtain context of current events and efforts occurring in Puerto Rico.