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Rural Issues

Giving Power to the Central Valley: Uplifting Community Voices in the Central Valley Through Civic Engagement

Led by Kathia Osuna and Itzigere Cruz Duran

Trip Bio

California’s Central Valley is known for being agriculturally rich yet historically it’s community members have been left under-resourced. This trip will encourage participants to have a morepositive outlook on an overlooked region of California. It will highlight the unique history andrichness of the Central Valley through the promotion of civic engagement, youth involvement, and grassroots organizing. Explore social issues such as immigration, farm worker rights, educational inequities, and explore how they show up in the Central Valley. The goal of this tripis to shift the narrative of the Central Valley from being a conservative pocket of a liberal state, to a community that is deeply rooted in resistance and has proven to be a hub for social justice organizing.