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Urban Health Winter

Winter Urban Health: History, Culture, and Space in South/Central LA (Los Angeles)


Urban Health Winter break leaders Esteem and Zeltzin

Trip Bio

This course will be examining how history, culture, and space inform our understanding of health and healthcare access within South LA. Through articles, films, and guest speakers participants will engage with deconstructing what “health” means, their own experiences with health, and the challenges South LA communities face in obtaining quality and reliable access.

Break Leader Bios

Esteem Brumfield

Esteem was extraordinarily active at his city college where he served as Student Trustee on the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees and co-founded a pilot mentorship project teaching professional, personal, and academic development for student leaders. He also traveled to India and co-created a pilot program teaching public speaking and critical thinking in a refugee boarding school. He has developed a passion for public policy and health. His research interests involve understanding the relationship between poor health outcomes and increased risks of incarceration.

Zeltzin Angon

Zeltzin Angon is currently pursuing a double major in Geography and Society and Environment at the University of California Berkeley. She made the journey from Mexico and settled in Los Angeles, where she has resided ever since. Her interactions with nature and culture in Mexico influenced her to learn about society’s relationship and management of natural resources, specifically the economic and political practices that impact indigenous farmers. She plans on working on issues of climate justice and climate change, focusing on the health disparities immigrants face.