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Urban Health

Shackles of LA: Constraining cycles of urban health issues and community responses

Led by Jennifer Lopez and Kauthar Ibrahim

Trip Bio

In LA, there are currently 66,000 unhoused individuals and 17,000 incarcerated individuals who have little access to resources for rehabilitation. Exacerbating these conditions is the city’s growing poverty rate, which is expected to increase due to COVID. This class will cover how these conditions affect urban health in LA, mostly affecting the well-being of marginalized communities in the Los Angeles Area. Some urban health topics and sectors we will cover are: poverty, policing/mass incarceration, homelessness, and access to health resources in order to understand the depth of systemic racism, institutional inequalities, and the continuous battle of the dominant class to keep oppressed groups in a cycle of oppression. This will serve as a foundation for presenting the work being done by LA based community organizations to empower those who are disproportionately affected by the constraining effects of LA’s urban health conditions. We will then work closely with one of these organizations and use what we learn about the systemic inequalities in the community to inform our roles in public service. This class, and trip, will create community wisdom amongst us and will allow us to demonstrate social change that will contribute to the realization of marginalized communities’ visions.