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Los Angeles: A City of Health Disparities

The Unseen Resilience of Angelenos: Addressing the Health Disparities


Led by Daphney Saviotti-Orozco & Milagro Ramirez Barrera

Trip Bio

Los Angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, yet health resources are not equally distributed. Lack of access to healthcare, homelessness, and air pollution are among the many urban health issues that affect Los Angeles. We plan to examine underlying reasons that prevent local communities from accessing medical resources like preventative screenings, healthy foods, and air monitors. These resources are vital, especially for communities that are uninsured and impacted by pollution, food deserts, and poverty. Moreover, we will explore the social determinants of health in order to understand the social conditions that influence the overall well-being of Angelenos. The goal of this class is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work with marginalized populations within the context of Los Angeles. We will partner with local organizations to supply necessary health resources to marginalized communities, while using a community-centric perspective [when addressing the] on health disparities. During these on site field experiences, students will gain valuable insight on how to make a positive impact on their community and build bridges of solidarity for health promotion. Join us, as we analyze the social determinants of health that impact many Angelenos.