Cal in the Capital Application

COVID Note: CITC is planning for an in person Spring 2023 DeCal and in person Summer 2023 internship experience at this time. We will inform students of any necessary changes based on changes in health and travel guidelines.

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To apply to be a Cal in the Capital intern for Summer 2023, please…

  1. Read the Program Expectation and Timeline Information and visit the Budget Page to review costs.
  2. Fill out the application below. (We strongly recommend planning and writing your answers on a separate document and then pasting them here afterwards.)
  3. Add a link and give Berkeley addresses access to a Google Drive folder containing the following documents at the end of this form: 
    • A one-page resume. For tips, visit the Career Center website.
    • A one-page cover letter expressing your interest in Cal in the Capital. Briefly summarize your qualifications, skills, and experiences for the program. Please remember, this program draws students from all backgrounds. We value a range of life experiences, perspectives, and majors, and invite you to include that framing in your cover letter to deepen our understanding of what draws you to public service work.
    • If you would like to be considered for program scholarships, please upload a screenshot of your financial aid information, including your expected family contribution (EFC). Please note that this question will only be considered for scholarship purposes and will have no bearing on your application.
  4. Top applicants will be contacted for interviews, which will take place between November 1-4, 2022. Please keep in mind that you must be available during these days, so plan accordingly.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact us at  We look forward to receiving your application!

I. Personal Information

(as it appears on your identification)

(as it appears on your identification)



The Public Service Center is committed to raising funds for those who need it.
Please share your financial aid status with us to help us make this happen. (Please check all that apply.)
Note: 65% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid

Not Eligible for Financial Aid
Financial Aid Eligible
Work-Study Eligible
Pell Grant Eligible

The Public Service Center is committed to making our programs accessible to all students. If accommodations are needed, please email anytime before the application deadline and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

II. Interests

1. How do you see public service/social justice as part of your personal and professional identity? (250-500 words)



2. Please reflect on a challenge you have faced in a team setting. How did you address this challenge? Upon reflection, are there ways you might change your practices in the future (250-500 words)?


3. Please tell us what type of work you would like to do in DC to help us source appropriate resources for your internship search. (eg. Arts, Environment, Data Science, Public Health/Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Cybersecurity, Science Research, Education, Journalism/Media, Public Policy, Think Tanks, Racial Justice, Human Rights, Defense, Law, etc):

Interest Area 1:


Interest Area 2:


Interest Area 3:


4. Please list 5-10 organizations based in Washington, D.C. where you would like to apply for a summer internship.


III. Program Commitment

If selected as a Cal in the Capital intern, I am committed to completing all of the requirements for the program and summer internship (please check this box). 

I understand that CITC is planning for an in person Spring DeCal and in person Summer 2023 internship experience at this time.

IV. Scholarship Eligibility

MUST be checked to be considered for a scholarship

If selected as a Cal in the Capital intern, I would like to be considered for program scholarships. I give staff at the Public Service Center permission to access my financial aid information. I understand that this information will ONLY be viewed by the PSC staff to allocate CITC’s need-based scholarships, and will not be shared with anyone.

V. Document Upload

Please provide a link to a Google Drive folder containing the following items: a one-page resume, a cover letter, and a screenshot of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You may also provide a link to your LinkedIn, or any other relevant information.


Please make sure that you have completed each section. You will receive an email once you have submitted all your materials confirming that your application was submitted. Thank you and we look forward to reading your application!