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Financing a Summer in D.C.

Estimated student budget for Summer 2024

Item Price
Housing and Utility $4,000
Food $1,000
Air Travel $600
Local Transit $400
Personal (includes professional attire, travel, etc.) $500
Total $6,500

Ways to Finance Your Summer in Washington, D.C.

The Public Service Center works extremely hard to make our programs accessible to all students regardless of economic background. However, we are unable to provide full financial support beyond small need-based scholarships that partially subsidize housing costs. We recognize this is a high-cost program and could be a financial burden for some students; we are doing all that we can to support students in the ways that we’re able to, and continue to work with wonderful CITC alumni to offer scholarships to more students.

Here are some ways to finance your summer in Washington, D.C.

CITC Alumni Scholarship

A small amount of Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to CITC participants based on financial need and review of financial aid records. There is no application process. If you qualify, scholarships will automatically apply towards your housing cost at the UC Washington Center only.

Outside Scholarships

Start looking for outside scholarships and apply NOW to prepare for your trip. Two good UC Berkeley resources where you can search for outside scholarships are Scholarship Connection and the California Alumni Association Scholarships. You will also be provided with a working resource list of outside scholarships you can start with upon acceptance into the program.


Here are some ways students have paid for their summer in D.C.

  • Some students get a part-time job during the fall and spring semesters, to save for trip expenses/housing cost during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Some students get part-time jobs while in D.C.
  • Some students apply for paid internships. Internships in Washington, D.C. are extremely competitive, especially those that offer funding.
  • Some employers may offer a stipend for commuting. Apply for internships early to increase your chance of obtaining an internship, whether paid or unpaid.

Support of Family and Friends

Begin planning early, especially around the holidays. Talk to family and friends to see if they can give you the gift of helping to finance your summer in D.C. Past students have used crowdfunding websites such as Piggybackr or GoFundMe as successful platforms for giving.