College Corps Application

Thank you for your interest in the new College Corps Program at UC Berkeley. Before submitting an application, please read the Eligibility, Expectations, & Benefits carefully. College Corps Fellows make a big commitment to serve their communities for a total of 450 hours throughout the academic year. Some Fellows serve into the summer of 2025. Please think about your fall, spring, and summer schedules and your other commitments in advance. Consider carefully whether this level of commitment would be possible and healthy for you. We will recruit College Corps Fellows for the 2025-2026 program year in spring of 2025, so if next year is not a good fit for you, you can explore this opportunity again the following year.

I. Eligibility

In order to participate you must be able to answer Yes to all of the following to be eligible to apply.
If you answer “No” to any of the eligibility questions, you are unable to participate at this time.

  • Do you have a high school diploma or GED?

  • Will you be a full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing at UC Berkeley for the full 2024-2025 Academic Year?
    (Note: good academic standing is required for the duration of the fellowship)

  • Will you be entering at least your 2nd year at Cal OR be an incoming transfer student?

  • Will you be residing in the Bay Area for the full 2024-2025 academic year?

  • Are you willing to serve 450 hours or 12-15 hours/weekly from either August 2024-May 2025 or August 2024-July 31, 2025?

  • Are you able to participate in a 2-day Orientation on August 26 & 27, 2024 and a required Pod meeting every other Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm?

  • Will you submit a FAFSA or CADAA application by the priority deadline of April 2, 2024 (needed for College Corps to confirm applicants’ financial need.)
  • Are you willing to complete a background check & Live Scan to enroll? Please note the conviction criteria that would make you ineligible to participate.

II. Personal Information

If you were able to answer yes to the eligibility questions, please fill out all sections below. We recommend writing your short answer questions in a separate doc so that you do not lose your responses.


Your Lived First Name
(what you want to be called)

Your Pronouns
What will be your Fall address (if known)?  
Current Class Year at Cal  
  Current GPA  
If you are a Dreamer or AB-540 student, do you receive a Cal Grant B?   Are you currently or have you ever been a College Corps Fellow previously?
Next year will you be a full-time UCB student for the full academic year?
What are your dietary needs or preferences? (ie vegetarian, gluten-free) 
What is your T-shirt size?  
How did you hear about the program? (ie staff, website, e-newsletter…) Would you like to subscribe to the Public Service Center’s monthly newsletter that lists community service and leadership opportunities, scholarships, and more?

The Public Service Center is committed to raising funds for those who need it. Please share your financial aid status with us to help us make this happen. (Please check all that apply.)

Note: 65% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid

Not Eligible for Financial Aid
Financial Aid Eligible
Work-Study Eligible
Pell Grant Eligible

What is your current EFC (Expected Family Contribution) listed on your CalCentral account or FAFSA/Dream Act? 
Note: Filing FAFSA is required to verify financial need.

The Public Service Center is committed to making our programs accessible to all students. If accommodations, including mobility accommodations, would make this program accessible to you, please email or call (510) 388-6030 any time before the application deadline.

III. College Corps Program Preferences

Each student accepted into College Corps will be placed with a community partner organization for the duration of the academic year and next summer (through July 31, 2025). We will match a placement based on your preferred issue area and the skills/type of service project you’d want to work on.

What issue area would be your first choice to work on in your community service placement? What issue area would be your second choice?

Have you had prior experience with any of the following?
(Tutoring/mentoring, Public communication, outreach or marketing, Field orientation/surveying or water testing, 
Organic farming or gardening, Data collection, evaluation, assessment, Development of outreach and education materials, Facilitating/leading small groups and discussions, Event planning and organizing, Environmental research or planning)

(hold SHIFT or COMMAND on Mac to select multiple)

Will you have access to a car or other vehicle you can use to get to/from your service site?
Fellows meet in mandatory Pods every other Thursday 6-8pm. Are you free for the entire 6-8pm window to attend? How many units would you hope to enroll in for your Pod participation?
Are you also applying to one of the PSC’s other leadership programs this upcoming year (2024-2025)?

IV. Short Answer Questions (under 250 words per question)

We recommend writing your short answer questions in a separate doc so that you do not lose your responses.

VI. Application Checklist