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CREATE (Creative Residencies for Emerging Artists Teaching Empowerment) is a student-led group that promotes arts-based services. Through CREATE, Berkeley undergraduates teach classes in visual arts, theater, dance, and/or creative writing to meet the enrichment needs of local schools and community organizations. CREATE students are mentored by a teaching artist in their discipline, who advises them on curriculum design and age-appropriate activities. Participating in CREATE is a great way to learn from an experienced educator while having the opportunity to design and teach your own class.



CREATE’s artist educator mentorship is supported by the City of Berkeley’s Civic Arts Grant Program.

Important Dates

CREATE recruits students at the beginning of each semester. Find out more about CREATE here

 Info Session: Learn More!

Thursday, January 25th, 7-8pm on zoom

Application Deadline

Thursday, February 1st at 11:59pm
Apply Online Here!


Friday, February 2nd –  Sunday, February 4th (Only for Student Teachers)

Membership Offers

Monday, February 5th

First Meeting for Members

Thursday, February 8th

Contact Information

For more information, contact or visit our Linktree. CREATE student program managers:

Grace, Christina, Anwita, Minmin, Ayah, and Marjan


Create teachers

CREATE teachers participating in dance workshop led by guest artist Jill Randall