Cal in Local Government Summer Intern Application

Deadline to Apply: 11:59pm, March 24, 2023

Round 1 Interview (with program staff): April 3-7, 2023

Round 2 Interview (with site supervisor): April 10-21, 2023

Note: We do our best to match each student with their top summer internship site. While we cannot guarantee your top choice, we can ensure that all accepted students are matched with an internship.

To Apply: Submit the application below and email your resume to with the subject line “Cal in Local Government Intern Application“.

Before submitting an application, please read the Summer Internship Descriptions.

I. Personal Information


The Public Service Center is committed to raising funds for those who need it. Please share your financial aid status with us to help us make this happen. (Please check all that apply.)

Note: 65% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid


Not Eligible for Financial Aid
Financial Aid Eligible
Work-Study Eligible
Pell Grant Eligible

II. References

III. Short Answer Questions (under 250 words per question)

IV. Financial Support

In order to make this role accessible to students engaging in their service, students who meet the need based criteria for the Haas Leader Program are eligible to apply for financial support through this application. If you are not Work Study Eligible, you will likely not meet the minimum criteria to be considered for the award.

We will make every effort to allocate funds as equitably as possible, but cannot guarantee that every student will receive an award.

VI. Application Checklist

Reminder: In order for your application to be complete you must also email your resume to with the subject line “Cal in Local Government Intern Application”.