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PSI Internship Descriptions

Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Education Intern

The Berkeley Public Schools Fund (the Schools Fund) is a non-profit organization with deep community roots. Through core grantmaking and volunteer programs, the Schools Fund champions equitable public education for students, families and the community. Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV), a program of the Schools Fund, recruits, screens, trains and places 500 Classroom Volunteers and 1000+ School Support Volunteers each year into various roles that support the health and vibrant learning of Berkeley Unified?s 10,000 students across 19 schools. Schools Fund Mission: To champion equitable public education for students, families, and our community. Through grants and volunteer programs, we center equity for the benefit of our students and the entire community. Support the development, coordination, and execution of a year-long volunteer training calendar.  Learn to use Salesforce database to maintain volunteer records. Support Team BSV with administrative tasks, as needed (i.e. printing and mailing volunteer name badges). Support BSV’s annual volunteer recruitment campaign through digital media as well as flyering on the UC campus and in neighboring areas. Interview Classroom Volunteers, from college students to retirees, and write short volunteer spotlights for publication in BSV & Schools Fund e-newsletters. Draft BSV-related content and post on social media. (If applicable) Translate web-content or application materials into Spanish. Support the design and execution of in-person volunteer appreciation events.


City of Berkeley

City of Berkeley General Information

Legislative Assistant Intern

The intern will attend various meetings with the Councilmember and/or his Aide where they will listen to community-wide issues and policy considerations. They will present their policy proposals to the Councilmembers when necessary. Additionally, they will take their knowledge from these meetings to help hone their policy writing skills and refine their proposals. At the end of the semester, they will present their project to the City of Berkeley. The intern will conduct research on a broad scope of issues, including housing, conservation practices, and public health. Research topics will be based on community concerns, and the intern will need to reach out to constituents in order to understand the full extent of the problems. In addition, they will need to conduct policy research to support and put together their project-based policy proposal. You will research and draft legislation that tackles homelessness and housing inequality, safeguards health and wellness, and furthers the interest of the people. Additionally, you will have two semester long projects that will culminate into a comprehensive policy item. Councilmember Bartlett often attends & hosts community events, including neighborhood walks, forums that bring together the community and the Berkeley Police Department, and other workshops. The intern helps with the logistics of these events and will have the chance to speak/interact with community members.


City of San Pablo

San Pablo CA Youth Services

Grant Program Management & Evaluation Intern

San Pablo Team for Youth (SPTFY) is the funding arm of the Community Schools Initiative, and provides funds to public and non-profit agencies wanting to expand and/or enhance school-based programs and services for children, youth, and families. For Cycle 4, the City of San Pablo offered organizations the opportunity to qualify for Lead Agency funds to implement Beacon Community Schools in San Pablo. The San Pablo Team For Youth Request for Proposals (RFP) release date for Cycle 5 was delayed and will now release in 2022-23 and staff seeks an intern to support this effort. The City contracts with an external Evaluator to evaluate the grantee programs and services. Evaluation consists of youth surveys, stakeholder interviews, and participation data. An RFP for evaluation services will be released in 2022-23 and staff seeks support with this RFP as well. Support the development of the Team For Youth (TFY) Request for Proposals (RFP) for the City’s school-based grant program by drawing from past RFPs and RFPs developed by other cities. Support the creation of an Evaluation RFP. Participate in staff evaluation planning conversations to design a multi-year evaluation plan that aligns with the Team For Youth RFP priorities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Intern

The intern will support the City’s current 2-year action plan on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) which is dedicated to improving the organization internally and consists of relationship building, DEIB training, developing shared language, and strengthening communication and city policies and procedures. Look at existing city policies – Personnel Manual and Employee MOUs to produce summary reports. Three DEIB Officers lead the city-wide effort and interns will join the leadership team and be exposed to city leaders to learn about and practice leadership. Support with data collection, data entry and analysis to be able to compile HR data and report on it. Support with relationship building activities that support trust building among city employees.


Community Education Partnerships

Community Education Partnerships

Program Intern

Community Education Partnerships (CEP) is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase the learning opportunities and enhance the academic achievement of students experiencing homelessness and housing instability in the Bay Area. CEP recruits and trains volunteers to provide high-quality, individualized one-on-one academic tutoring and mentoring for pre-K – 12th grade students experiencing homeless and housing instability. Additionally, CEP offers opportunities for our students to participate in group programming at our Children’s Learning Center/Learning Hubs, extracurricular enrichment activities, CEP-hosted shelter-based activities, such as Homework Clubs, Family Reading Nights, Computer Clubs, and Back to School Nights. CEP is a growing nonprofit based in Oakland, CA that has been providing services to students facing homelessness and housing instability across the Bay Area since 2010. Onsite: Support CEP?s Children?s Learning Center – Work with students one-on-one and in small groups – Provided homework assistance and academic support – Assist with onsite activities, field trips, and special events – Support the development of lesson plans and enrichment activities – Provide support to the Children’s Learning Center Coordinator as directed – Help keep the Center organized, tidy, and ensure that adequate supplies are available – Photograph Center activities for social media, newsletters, and annual reports.


East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Outreach Intern

Two PSI interns will be heavily integrated into the EBSC Outreach Team. The Outreach Team provides interns with the opportunity to learn about the wide range of services that EBSC offers to the community (immigration, health/COVID-19 vaccination, rental assistance, etc) as well as engage directly with community members. The tasks that PSI Interns will be expected to assist with include: attending in-person tabling events at local flea markets and churches, assisting with Zoom workshops and Health Fairs organized by the outreach team, participating in presentations of vaccines, Know Your Rights, etc, creating scripts and copy for promotional materials in the form of videos, social media posts, and flyers, assisting in the creation and editing of videos and video translations, contacting potential community partners, and phone banking. Two interns would be responsible for the tasks listed above.

Support Services Intern

Our Support Services PSI intern mainly assists the Support Services Program with client referrals. This involves speaking with clients to understand their needs (apart from immigration legal services), finding appropriate resources for them, and then following up to make sure the clients receive the services they are entitled to. This work provides an opportunity to help community members with pressing needs and to learn more about the ecosystem of resources available to asylum-seekers and other immigrants in the Bay Area. One intern would be responsible for the tasks listed above.

Volunteer Coordinator Intern

EBSC’s volunteer program is vital to the success of our organization. The volunteer coordinator will be responsible for interviewing volunteers, checking volunteers applications, orienting new volunteers and having close communication with both EBSC’s staff and volunteers and learning about EBSC’s legal programs and services to pair volunteers and interns with the relevant staff. The volunteer coordinator will be in charge of answering questions from volunteers and professors, as well as doing outreach to recruit more volunteers. One intern would be fully responsible for the tasks listed above.


Oakland Literacy Coalition 

Oakland Literacy Coalition

Literacy, Justice & Community Action Intern

The intern will engage with all of the Oakland Literacy Coalition’s (OLC) program activities in service of our mission of working together to ensure that every Oakland child learns and loves to read. Literacy is a civil right and issue of social and racial justice. Currently, fewer than one-in-three Oakland students are reading proficiently. The OLC believes we can change this through a collective effort of families, schools, and community partners working to remove barriers and increase opportunities for learning for our students. The OLC organizes our work around four strategies: 1) Connect a Community-Wide Coalition. We bring together organizations working to support literacy in Oakland and share information about the field to drive greater coordination and stronger collective impact. OLC staff hold leadership roles in many community collaboratives and systems-level initiatives working to address this issue in many different, and necessary ways. 2) Promote Effective Programming. The OLC holds monthly forums and workshops that bring coalition members and partners together to learn, network, and collaborate. The OLC also puts on the annual Literacy and Justice for All Symposium in October for stakeholders to learn, collaborate, elevate what?s working, and strategize new solutions. 3) Mobilize Informed Community Action. The OLC develops campaigns and communications to build community awareness and advocacy in issues that can lead to greater equity and stronger outcomes for Oakland students. 4) Provide Quality Literacy Resources. The OLC works to provide excellent, culturally affirming books and literacy resources to Oakland students and families. We award Community Literacy Action Grants to fund literacy projects and book giveaways across the city. Our School Library Partnerships program provides resources and recruits volunteers to support school libraries. Lastly, we have two big projects in partnership with Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to distribute books across the city.


Root and Rebound

Root & Rebound Reentry Advocates

Frontline Support Intern

The intern will answer incoming calls to the Root & Rebound office and transfer calls to the appropriate Root & Rebound staff member. File client intakes and other administrative documents. Support Root & Rebound staff with outreach for upcoming legal clinics and events by calling, faxing and emailing various social service providers with event information. Support staff with data entry by entering client data into our database and processing orders for our publications. Read incoming letters from currently incarcerated clients and forward any letters containing legal questions to our legal team for review. Mail county specific social service referral packets to clients.


Somos Familia

Somos Familia

Community Education Associate

Somos Familia fills the gap in resources for LGBTQ+ Latinx youth and their families by building community and creating our own media to open the doors of acceptance and understanding. Over the last 14 years, we have listened to the needs of the Bay Area Latinx community and drawn from the personal experiences of our founders – two friends from the East Bay whose children came out as LGBTQ+. Our mission is build leadership in our Latinx families and communities to create a culture where people of diverse genders and sexual orientations can thrive. We deliver a culturally-competent and family-centered approach to transform the culture of bias in communities that strongly affects the health and well-being of Latinx youth. The Community Education Intern will play a strong supporting role to the community education committee and the Family Organizer in all aspects of our workshops and training materials and sessions with schools and community organizations. The intern will attend and assist in coordination of Somos Familia education activities, including training of trainers and community workshops. They will also assist with outreach efforts, including phone banking, social media, and email. The intern will assist in the development of content and logistics coordination for community workshops and trainings. The intern will assist in stewardship efforts by making phone calls and producing mailings to past and current sites and volunteers.


UC Berkeley Local Government and Community Relations

Berkeley Office of the Chancellor: Government and Community Relations

Local Government & Community Relations Intern

Project Management and Event Coordination The Local GCR intern will primarily assist the Assistant Director with managing the Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund grant cycle (Berkeley); the coalition building efforts involved in various Student-Neighbor Relations initiatives; and will support the LCRG staff with community engagement efforts related to the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay. Event and project management responsibilities will vary but will include everything from event planning and marketing to day of logistics and follow-up. Long-term projects include an annual community report for the CCPF and website updates for all of Local GCR; as well as BGC projects supporting UC Berkeley relations and partnerships with the Richmond community. Policy and Programmatic Research: Previous research topics for interns have included: identifying off-campus living resources available to Cal students and researching policies and practices from other, similarly-situated universities. Researching communication strategies for funds similar to the CCPF. Identifying relevant issues areas and lessons learned in UC-system Long Range Development Plans. Our Local GCR intern will conduct other policy research related to current projects and initiatives. Community Outreach and Communications: Assessing and managing the student and larger community outreach pieces for current projects and initiatives related to many aspects of Local GCR work in Berkeley and Richmond. Responsibilities might include managing content development for a community engagement database and website. Leadership and Professional Development: Coalition-building for the Student-Neighbor Relations initiatives like Happy Neighbors. Program development for the Cal Move-Out Program. Presentation and strategic communications development in general.