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Student Director Open Positions

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks

Student Directors (5 positions)

Finance Directors (2)

The two Finance Directors are responsible for all financial aspects of the Alternative Break program. The Finance Directors work closely with the Alternative Breaks Program Manager, the ASUC Finance team, vendors, and community partners. Responsibilities include developing the budget for each trip and the overall program, serving as an RSO Finance Agent and Signatory, developing a fundraising timeline, hosting programmatic fundraisers, applying for individual and programmatic grants, and processing purchase orders, payments, and reimbursements. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, experienced in budgeting and financial planning, and enjoys working with internal and external stakeholders. Prior program experience is preferred, not required.

Community Partnerships Director (1)

The Community Partnerships Director supports all aspects of community and housing partnerships for the program. The CP Director facilitates conversations with community and housing partners and Break Leaders, and creates opportunities for the team to deepen their sense of community. Responsibilities include: finalizing housing, transportation, and community partner contracts and evaluations, securing locations for programmatic events throughout the school year, organizing three All Community Meetings, and facilitating a workshop on best practices for engaging community partners. The ideal candidate enjoys developing programmatic timelines and facilitating personal and professional relationships between students, professionals, and organizations. Prior program experience is preferred, not required.

Communications Director (1)

The Communications Director manages Alternative Breaks’ public relations and image with the campus and the larger community. Responsibilities include: managing participant recruitment and selection processes, maintaining social media platforms, ordering program T-shirts, developing graphics, and overseeing the All-Go Checklist process (all of the logistical forms). The Communications Director ensures the program has a voice and a presence on and off campus. The ideal candidate is organized, creative, and has social media, outreach, recruitment, and graphic design experience. Prior program experience is preferred, not required.

Development & Special Projects Director (1)

The Development & Special Projects Director expands the edges of the Alternative Breaks program with more project-based work, focusing on the internal and external development of the program. Responsibilities include: serving as an RSO signatory, organizing a special project of their choice, and supporting the overall Alternative Breaks team. The ideal candidate takes initiative, enjoys learning new skills, and is comfortable working in grey areas to support the overall success of Alternative Breaks. Prior program experience is preferred, not required.


Bridging Berkeley

Bridging Berkeley


The Bridging Berkeley Director works with a fellow Director as Co-Directors to manage a Bridging Berkeley mentoring team at a local middle school site. Directors oversee recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of their mentor team and lead Orientation and bi-weekly team meetings. Directors also work with site staff/teachers to schedule and structure mentoring and problem-solve issues that come up. The ideal candidate should be collaborative, detail-oriented, willing to facilitate a community/team and empower others while still holding accountability for the group.


Cal in the Capital

Cal in the Capital

Student Directors (4 positions)

Employer Outreach & Partnerships Director

The Employer Outreach & Partnerships Director is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with existing and potential employers in Washington, D.C. This position will work with the Program Manager to create an employer outreach strategy, and market exciting opportunities for students seeking summer internships. The expectation in this role is that the student will travel to Washington, D.C. in early January.

Recruitment & Communications Director

The Recruitment & Communications Director is responsible for leading fall recruitment efforts such as planning outreach strategy, facilitating information sessions, and creating application and interview criteria. This role also manages the CITC email account and social media, as well as Slack communication with the summer cohort. In addition, this director will occasionally support fundraising efforts through creating flyers and social media campaigning.

Academics & Operations Director

The Academics & Operations Director is responsible for year-round planning of the spring DeCal. In the fall, the student will revise the syllabus, gather and submit all required materials for creating the course, and coordinate support from our faculty sponsor. In the spring, this role will plan and facilitate DeCal lessons, update the bCourse, and coordinate with panelists and guest speakers. This director is expected to be available for every class during the spring DeCal.

Development & Alumni Relations Director

The Development & Alumni Relations Director is responsible for establishing a relationship with our Alumni network, as well as lead fundraising efforts. This director will create email and social media campaigns, and attend required meetings for University-related crowdfunding pushes. In addition, they will assist Alumni in creating the cohort bios, mentorship program, and planning events over the summer. The student in this role will also provide secondary support with employer outreach.


Public Service Internship Program (PSI)

Public Service Internship Program

Student Directors (2-4 positions)

The Student Directors for the Public Service Internship program (PSI) work collaboratively with the program manager to support student interns. This includes providing training and ongoing support for approximately 30 interns working in community organizations, local government, and nonprofit agencies in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and other Bay Area cities. Key components of the job include planning and leading program meetings, building and maintaining relationships with student interns and site supervisors, and maintaining regular office hours. A successful candidate will have extensive leadership experience, strong organizational and communication skills, and a commitment to public service. Prior program experience preferred but not required.


RSI Residential Service Initiative (RSI)

Residential Service Initiative

Co-Directors (2 positions)

The 2 Residential Service Initiative (RSI) co-directors work together to train and support Vice Presidents of Philanthropy (VPPs) in organizing engaged service programs for students living in the Residence Hall community. Directors and VPPs are required to enroll in the PSC Leader Units (1 unit each). Co-directors develop and facilitate weekly seminars to supplement the units’ requirements. Seminar topics include social justice & community engagement, community building, event planning, and basic needs (previous seminar curriculum will be available for adaptation). In addition, Directors are available to coach VPPs through challenges they experience planning their service events during office hours. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, interested in growing their facilitation skills, and enjoys working with internal and external stakeholders. Prior program experience is preferred, not required.