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Student Director Open Positions

Alternative Breaks

Public Service Center Alternative Breaks

Student Directors (5 positions)

Training and Sustainability Director

The Training and Sustainability Director oversees the training and the development of the Break Leaders and attends to administrative needs of the program. This director is the one of the lead facilitators for the Break Leader Trainings (BLTs), which are designed to ensure all of the break leaders are well prepared for facilitating their DeCals and leading their trips. Responsibilities include: organizing retreats, building supportive community among Break Leaders, supporting with DeCals sponsorships, completing Break Leader Training agendas and coordinating and co-facilitating workshops. The ideal candidate has facilitation, time management, and project management skills. They are resourceful, appreciate the complexity of cultural humility and service-learning, and are able to articulate programmatic values to incoming break leaders and participants. Prior program experience required.

Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for all financial aspects of the Alternative Break programs. They ensure the program sticks to its budget and is sustainable for future programmatic years, while also ensuring each trip is financially viable. The Finance Director works closely with the Alternative Breaks Program Manager, the PSC’s Operations Manager, and campus partners who deal with insurance, liability, and business operations. They will need to quickly become familiar with campus policies and prepared to have more professional relationships with non-students. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, has experience with budgeting, keeping track of expenses, and financial planning, and is a quick learner. The ideal candidate is comfortable making financial aid decisions, enforcing fundraising and fee payment requirements, and being realistic about working within the financial constraints of the program. Prior program experience preferred, not required.

Community Partnerships Director

The Community Partnerships Director is interested in how the program and trips show up in the community and work with our various partners, both on- and off-campus. Responsibilities include: finalizing housing and processing contracts, securing locations for programmatic events throughout the school year, leading the All Community Meeting committee, inviting alumni to All Community Dinners during the trips, helping trips find advisers, convening panels, reflections, and feedback sessions, introducing trip proposals and trip itineraries, and training on best practices for engaging community partners. The ideal candidate is comfortable negotiating, maintaining deadlines and making sure the leadership is adhering to timelines, and can facilitate personal and professional relationships between students, professionals, and organizations. Prior program experience required.

Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for managing Alternative Breaks’ public relations and image with the campus and the larger community. Responsibilities include: managing participant recruitment and selection process, maintaining social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc…), organizing participant rosters and databases, ordering program T-shirts, leading the newsletter committee, and overseeing the All-Go Checklist process (all of the logistical forms). The Communications Director ensures the program has a voice and a presence on and off campus. The ideal candidate is thoroughly organized and has experience with social media, outreach, and recruitment and is well-versed in creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets. They are creative and aren’t afraid to take risks. Prior program experience preferred, not required.

Development & Special Projects Director

The Development & Special Projects Director is responsible for expanding the edges of the Alternative Breaks program through doing more project-based work, focusing on the financial and internal development of the program. They work on increasing the capacity of the Director Team and the Alternative Breaks program and is instrumental in helping to envision and plan the long-term growth of the program. This role is more flexible and intended to support all D-teams in supporting each other in their individual responsibilities. The ideal candidate takes initiative, is a visionary, and is comfortable working in grey areas and helping to define and shape this director position. Prior program experience preferred, not required.

Amplifying Sanctuary Voices (ASV) Project

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant: Amplifying Sanctuary Voice

Project Directors 

ASV is a coalition of local storytelling, arts, and advocacy organizations, with several UC Berkeley student leaders from the Public Service Center serving on the leadership team. Our leadership is collaborative and adaptive; we welcome creative minds and empathetic team members. The ability to take initiative and leadership on specific projects or events is paramount. ASV is specifically looking for student directors with expertise in: education and curriculum design; oral and visual histories (documentary-style audio/visual recording); website-building and maintenance; and social media maintenance and graphic design. Still we welcome all applicants with experience in or passion for migration and refugee rights, as well as storytelling for social change; arts-based trauma resiliency, and comprehensive immigration policy reform. Upon selection, the applicant would be an ASV student leader, encouraged to participate in all aspects to the project and contribute to the overall project vision.

Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Ambassadors

Andrew Goodman

Program Directors 

Vote Everywhere is a national, non-partisan, civic engagement movement of student leaders and university partners. The program provides extensive training and resources, as well as a peer network to support Ambassadors while they work to register voters, bring down voting barriers, and tackle important social justice issues on their college campuses. Andrew Goodman Ambassadors commit to working in partnership with other civic engagement organizations on campus to encourage greater student civic participation. Activities include participating in committees, planning, and staffing events, engaging in voter outreach, etc.

Bridging Berkeley & Zoom Mentors

Bridging Berkeley


The Bridging Berkeley/Zoom Mentors Co-Director works with a fellow Director to manage mentoring at a local middle school site. Directors oversee recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of their mentor team and lead Orientation and bi-weekly mentor site team meetings once their team is hired. Directors also work with site staff/teachers to identify and match students who could benefit from math support (Bridging Berkeley) or individual help (Zoom Mentors) and to problem-solve issues related to scheduling and structure. The ideal candidate should be collaborative, detail-oriented, willing to facilitate a community/team and empower others while still holding accountability for the group.

Cal in the Capital

Public Service Center Cal in the Capital

Student Director (4 positions)

Operations, Finance, Housing Director

Takes a lead role in managing ASUC student group account and finances. Tracks UC Washington Center housing logistics. Updates scholarship database and research other financial support opportunities. Serves as point person for questions regarding finance and housing. In charge of summer testimonial blogs throughout the summer and end of program newsletter content. Takes lead on fundraising efforts in relation to CITC. Supports outreach to potential internship sites. Supports cohort of students as they navigate internship application process.

Academics & Events Director

Takes the lead role in organizing, coordinating, and facilitating the spring semester DeCal that all Cal in the Capital students are required to take. Manages DeCal paperwork/operation submission and roster, designs syllabus curriculum, organizes speakers series, and plans community building event activities throughout Spring semester and summer. Coordinates Send-Off Reception for CITC cohort at the end of DeCal. Supports outreach to potential internship sites. Supports cohort of students as they navigate internship application process.

Recruitment & Marketing Director

Takes the lead role in recruiting, interviewing, and selecting Cal in the Capital’s next cohort of interns. Strategizes and delegates outreach efforts throughout campus. Develops and implements marketing materials and recruitment plans. Coordinates application review, interviews, and intern selection process. Gathers intern biographies and manages cohort roster. Coordinates Welcome Reception of new intern cohort. Supports outreach to potential internship sites. Supports cohort of students as they navigate internship application process.

Alumni & Employer Outreach Director

Takes the lead role in organizing outreach efforts to employers in Washington, DC to secure internship positions for CITC interns. Serves as the liaison with internship employers, Cal alumni, and CITC interns. Coordinates summer events with DC alumni and coordinates mentorship pairing between DC alumni and CITC interns. Researches, gathers, compiles, and sends weekly internship digest to CITC Cohort. Coordinates events and professional development opportunities in DC. Supports cohort of students as they navigate internship application process.



Program Manager

The Program Manager oversees student and community partner recruitment, selection, and placement. They also organize weekly meetings for CREATE members and support teaching artist mentors in leading workshops to help CREATE participants with their teaching. In addition, they manage finance and fundraising for the program, including applying for grants and submitting grant reports. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, be detail-oriented, and will have some program management experience or prior leadership experience.

Public Service Internship Program (PSI)

Public Service Internship Program

Student Director (2-4 positions)

The Student Directors for the Public Service Internship program (PSI) work collaboratively with the program manager to support student interns. This includes providing training and ongoing support for approximately 10-15 interns working in community organizations, local government, and nonprofit agencies in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville and other Bay Area cities. Key components of the job include planning and leading program meetings, building and maintaining relationships with student interns and site supervisors, and maintaining regular office hours. A successful candidate will have extensive leadership experience, strong organizational and communication skills, and a commitment to public service. Prior program experience preferred but not required.

RSI Residential Service Initiative (RSI)

Residential Service Initiative

Co-Directors (2 positions)

The 2 Residential Service Initiative (RSI) co-directors work together to train and support Residence Hall leaders on how to organize engaged service programs for students living in the Residence Hall community. Co-directors are responsible for facilitating weekly seminar both Fall and Spring semesters for all Vice Presidents of Philanthropy (VPs) , developing and maintaining community partner relations, and providing ongoing support for the VPs. They are responsible for overall program oversight, supporting Hall Staff training, and leading programs/projects that will be decided upon meeting with their advisor.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)


Student Directors (3 positions)

Education Director (2 openings)

The VITA Education Directors’ main responsibility is to co-facilitate a two-hour weekly DeCal in the Social Welfare department. This DeCal trains up to seventy undergraduate students to pass the IRS Basic Certification Exam, and may include leading additional education and training on more advanced tax topics. Other duties include maintaining and adjusting course curricula according to IRS requirements, writing homework assignments and tests, liaising with faculty sponsors and community partners, supporting the entire VITA leadership team, and additional administrative responsibilities. Applicants should have facilitation experience, excellent time management and communication skills. Passing the IRS Advanced Certification exam, background experience in public service or community organizations, and additional leadership or teaching experiences are preferred, but not mandatory.

Community Partnership Director (1 opening)

The VITA Community Partnership Director’s main responsibility is to communicate with VITA’s community partners. This position entails initiating and maintaining partnerships with tax sites, organizing rosters of student volunteers, and keeping detailed and orderly financial records. Other duties include identifying and writing grant proposals, preparing annual progress reports, supporting the entire VITA leadership team, and additional administrative responsibilities. Applicants should have excellent time management, communication, organizational skills, and a strong grasp of the Google Drive Suite. Passing the IRS Advanced Certification exam, background experience in public service or community organizations, and additional other leadership experience are preferred, but not mandatory.