Student Initiated Community Projects Application

Student Initiated Community Projects 2018-2019 Application

Thank you for your interest in Student Initiated Community Projects. Please read the sponsorship criteria before filling out the application. A complete application consists of the following components: application form, budget worksheet, and your organization’s constitution. Please download and use this budget worksheet to document your incomes and expenses. Please email both budget worksheet and constitution to Cassy Huang at The online application, budget worksheet, and org constitution must be submitted and emailed by Friday, April 20, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Cassy Huang at or visit her at Eshleman 218.

Organization Information

(If not, you must register by the start of the fall semester.)
Select the top 2 areas in which your organization needs support

Please provide contact information for the person filling out the application

Non-Berkeley Email:

A strong mission is clearly articulated with vision, purpose, core values, and primary goals. Share your organization’s strategy as to how your organization will achieve set goals. In addition, the number of current members, number of members in a leadership position and general membership, and important dates from the organization’s timelines are consistent with the mission. Overall, the mission demonstrates a cohesive story as to why the organization exists. (400 words max)

Value is clearly defined. Ideally, the organization references the mission statement to show that these values are embedded in what they do and hope to achieve. The organization is able to clearly identify the various systems that are at play, and are able to articulate where they fit into the big picture. Lastly, the organization is able to provide concrete evidence as to how they are living out this core value. Success metrics and tracking systems shows a strong level of commitment and thought to these values. (400 words max)

Community partnerships support the mission of the student organization. Some indicators of strong community partnerships are long-term relationships, a 2-way communication where each organization informs the work of the other, etc. (400 words max)

Demonstrates how the organization would go about identifying the community they serve. Articulate the various nuances that characterize the community. The language the organization use is critical and acknowledges their own privilege. They understand and are able to articulate the intended and unintended impact of the work that they do. They state why their work is significant to their community. (400 words max)

The organization is thoughtful about the partnership goals. They have clearly and concretely articulated what they hope to gain from the PSC’s support. They have listed how the funding will help them achieve their mission. The organization demonstrates their potential, and partnering with the PSC will result in substantial learning for the organization. (400 words max)

The organization is thoughtful about its organizational goals and the service it provides. It shows capacity to deepen its organizational strength or deepen its service. (400 words max)

Application Checklist

Please put a check mark next to all the statements you agree to: