Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Application

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Application

Application Deadline: September 4, 2017 11:59pm

All students, regardless of immigration or citizenship status, are welcome to apply!

Questions? Contact us at ucberkeleyvita@gmail.com

The online application for the Berkeley VITA DeCal is below. Future instructions for DeCal Enrollment will be available once the website is updated by DeCal department.

Please note that by signing up for the class, you are committed to volunteering in spring semester as well. To be placed on our mailing list for the application release date, email ucberkeleyvita@gmail.com.

I. Personal Information

The Public Service Center is committed to raising funds for those who need it. Please share your financial aid status with us to help us make this happen.
(Please check all that apply.)

<— 65% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid

The Public Service Center is committed to making our programs accessible to all students. If accommodations, including mobility accommodations, would make this program accessible to you, please call Muttika Chaturabul at 510-642-5429 any time before the application deadline.

II. Short Answer Questions

1. How do you see social justice relate to VITA’s service of providing free tax filing services to low-income earning individuals and families?

2. Why do you think volunteering is important today?

3. In many projects, it’s important to keep records of details while still managing the big picture. Can you tell me about a project where you could do this effectively? How were you able to make sure that everything got done properly? How did you keep yourself focused on the larger goal?

4. The tax season starts in the Spring semester and is when VITA DeCal students will begin their service. You will need a 3 hour block each week open for volunteering. List as best to your knowledge what your availability will be (Monday-Sunday) during the Spring Semester.