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Student Director Application Confirmation and Next Steps

Thank you for applying to a Student Director Position.

Interview Preparation

Interviews will take place after all applications are received. We will contact you to schedule an interview. Please be sure to check your email during spring break (or let the staff contact for the position you are applying to know that you will not have access that week) as you may receive a message with information on your specific interview time, date and location.

Next Steps

  1. Email your resume WITH YOUR SID listed at the top of each page to the professional staff lead for the program you are applying to (listed below). Do NOT put your SID in the subject line of the email. Remember, we will not review your application unless your resume follows Career Center guidelines.
  2. Take an honest look at your commitments for next year to determine whether the position you are applying for will fit into your schedule. Most Directors serve 8-10 hours/week and participate in trainings or reflective space 2-4 nights/month.


List of programs and staff

Alternative Breaks

Amplifying Sanctuary Voices

Andrew Goodman Ambassadors

Cal in the Capital

CREATE & Bridging Berkeley

Public Service Internship Programs

Residential Service Initiative