Alum John Gage recalls the exciting start of the Public Service Center in 1967.

“The point of a university and the point of building a community is to bring people together. And that was the goal of the Community Projects Office.” 


Berkeley students consider the Public Service Center a “home away from home.”

Transfer student Calixtho Lopes, class of 2017, had experienced periodic homelessness as a child. So it meant a lot to him to find the Public Service Center.


Your Story is Our Story

Since 1967, the Public Service Center has been helping Berkeley students engage in transformative social change. 


The First of Its Kind

This spring, the Public Service Center received two honors.


Reflections of Regina Jackson, Alum & Community Partner

The Center is fortunate that Regina Jackson is as passionate about serving youth in Oakland as she is about serving as a co-educator to Cal students.


Reflections of Terrie Light, Community Partner, Berkeley Food & Housing Project

As a budding community activist, Terrie Light began serving meals to homeless people living in Oakland’s Jefferson Park.


PSC Students Effect Change, Gain Skills

Last year, 5,231 student participants and 194 student leaders contributed 141,238 hours of service to 184 projects.