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A Youthful Perspective

Sather Gate

Patricia Contreras FloresAs a community organizer for the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, my job is to work directly with community members to develop strategic alliances among labor, people of faith, and the community. Our partnership with the Public Service Center and its program, East Bay Community Builders, has been beneficial in many ways. Working with Cal students enables us to achieve more. Most importantly, the students share their enthusiasm, ideas, and insights, and provide our organization with a youthful perspective.

The students who support our organization are amazing, passionate, smart, and refreshing. A favorite memory of mine happened last fall, during a precinct walk. I had the pleasure of watching a student grow into a community organizer. First, observing that initial apprehension and nervousness when she first knocked on someone’s door. Then, hearing the excitement in her voice and watching the expression on her face after talking to folks at their doorsteps. It was amazing.

Patricia Contreras Flores
Community Organizer, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy