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A Constant State of Learning

Amber Perkins Ellis

Amber Perkins Ellis is fascinated by the forces that shape public education in the United States. Her ultimate goal is to create a learning center for elementary age youth. To that end, she is exploring the types of curricula that inspire students to think critically about the world that they live in. “There are so many organizations that exist within the umbrella of the Public Service Center; I was able to find work that mirrors my values by interning with SOUL, the School of Unity and Liberation.” SOUL creates and implements curriculum for youth activists, so they can effect change in their communities. Amber learned practical leadership and pedagogical skills that she will carry with her as she pursues her career in education.

“The relationships I established through the Public Service Center have supported and impacted my experience at Cal in a remarkable way. There are so many brilliant people that contribute to the essence of the center. My peers are some of the most passionate and genuine people that I have had the pleasure of learning and growing with.” In addition to the inspiration her peers provided, through the Public Service Center Amber also had the opportunity to make meaningful connections that transcended and complemented her academic courses. Of these opportunities, Amber said, “I am grateful for the donors who support the Public Service Center. The center’s impact is felt by many passionate students who seek to engage in meaningful work that contributes to the betterment of society.”

For Amber, the Public Service Center provided that same inspiring environment that taught her to think critically about the world that she wants to help create for others. “The opportunities for growth by working with the Public Service Center are limitless. I learned by collaborating with my peers on projects. I learned by meeting new people and hearing their stories. I was in a constant state of learning.”

Amber Perkins Ellis, Class of 2016, Major in American Studies and Minor in Education. Hometown: Sacramento