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Reflections of Regina Jackson, Alum & Community Partner

Regina Jackson Photo Spread

Regina Jackson, Alum & Community PartnerThe Center is fortunate that Regina Jackson (BS, 1984) is as passionate about serving youth in Oakland as she is about serving as a co-educator to Cal students. As Executive Director of the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC), Regina supports the social and leadership development of young adults. She oversees the organization’s extensive programming, which includes education courses and professional skills trainings as well as opportunities for young people to engage in the arts and sports. EOYDC currently partners with the Public Service Center through the Bonner Leaders AmeriCorps program, and it has worked with faculty through the Center’s American Cultures Engaged Scholarship program.

According to Regina, partnering with the Center has allowed EOYDC to increase their capacity. She explains, “The Center provides incredibly well-trained and thoughtful students; the sweat equity is tremendous. With two Bonner Leaders at EOYDC, I want all of the young people here to have a Cal experience.” The partnership is also an incredible learning opportunity for Cal students. The Center introduces Cal students to neighborhoods of Oakland that they might not otherwise get to know. Summing up the mutual benefits, Regina explains, “It makes sense all the way around.”